Some countries exist on the edge of reality. This is their story.

from Cabinet

John Hughes was the quintessential 80’s film director. But his greatest innovation was undoubtedly the house party scene.

from frieze

The world’s blackest black, a soundless bell, metal that screams, can all be found in the Materials Library. One of FT.com’s top ten most read articles of the year.

from the Financial Times (Magazine)

If the internet can be described as a giant human consciousness, then viral marketing is the illusion of free will.  

from frieze

How do you like your presidents? Sunny side up? Over easy? Scrambled? You got it. An article on the selling of the presidency.

from Modern Painters

No philosopher has had such an impact on our daily lives as Otto Neurath, inventor of the Isotype - the silhouettes we see everywhere from bathroom doors to road signs.

from Cabinet

Sometimes spotting a trend can be really depressing. This piece dates back to 1999. It ended up predicting not only the rise of Osama Bin Laden but also the use of “personality identification playing cards” in the Iraq war.

from The Times (London)

Why isn’t Millard Fillmore remembered on Presidents’ Day?

from the Los Angeles Times

(Not too long after this piece was published, Millard Fillmore did appear in a Presidents’ Day ad. Click here to see it.)